2009-2010, I worked in an international law firm in the arbitration department. In this function, I was involved in several arbitration proceedings under various arbitration rules (UNCITAL, Vienna Rules, ICC and ad-hoc arbitration), both on the side of counsel and on the side of the arbitral tribunal. I was also responsible for the enforcement of an international arbitral award in Austria. Since then, I have frequently dealt with issues of arbitration law. I have published a number of scientific articles on this topic.


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  • Country Report on Arbitration Agreements in Austria (Kluwer Arbitration 2011, together with Dr. Christoph Liebscher)
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  • University of Salzburg, Seminar "Practical issues of international arbitration", co-lecturer (2019/2020)
  • University of Salzburg, Lecture "Hot Topics in international arbitration", co-lecturer (2020)